Cancer is one of the most life-threatening illnesses and has many health hazards in both advanced and developing nations. Radiation and surgery in order to overcome the side effects created by these medicines we should go with the adjuvant therapy that can be accomplished by using herbs as so many herbal medications are stated in Ayurveda for cancer management. A number of herbal and herb minerals combination have been recorded for their cancer activity.

Tumors are defined under the granthi and arbuda as per ancient classical texts and can be associated with fundamental prevalent neoplasms that can occur in any body tissue or organ.Arbuda is derived from the root Arb with suffix ena and along with ‘nd’.Its destroys particularly the Mamsa Dhatu(Muscles).

Granthi is a tiny swelling within the subcutaneous fat tissue, muscle, or blood vessels, as its name implies or a slight neoplasm; it is round, erect, and twisted in the localized region.

According to the classical literature arbuda is due to the vitiated dosha’s and again categorized on dosha’s aspect as well as its occurrence site. When two arbuda appear concurrently, the condition is called dvirarbuda, which suggests their pathology.

The numerous abnormal growths of pre-and post-cancer states and malignant and non-malignant phases resulting from distinct organs are grouped and referred to as cystic growths (gulma), benign growths (apaci), lymphatic growths (gandamala), bone tumor (asthila), cystic tumors (mutragranthi), vaginal tumors (yonikarnini), and systemic tumors (granthivisarpa and balmika). These growths represent morbid anatomy as neoplasm.

Neoplasms are usually referred to by both allopathic and Ayurvedic systems as the uncoordinated abnormal cell growth observed in specific organs or body tissues.

The words vataja, pittaja, or kaphaja tumors (adenoma) or medhaja (lipoma) or a mixture of either of these two are used to mean a benign neoplasm where one or two of the three main body structures (tridosas) are out of control.

Benign tumors are not very harmful because the systems are still coordinated, which controls the damage to some extent. Malignant abnormal development has been reported as tridosaja neoplasm (metastatic tumors), as the three main body systems have lost mutual coordination and are unable to avoid tissue harm arising in mortal morbidity.

Chikista Sutra (management) as per the classical text of Ayurveda:

 Heerak Bhasma (Medicated Diamond Particles), Swarna Bhasma (Medicated Gold Particles),Tamra Bhasma (Medicated Copper Particles),Tutha Bhasma (Medicated Copper Sulphate Particles),Shankha Bhasma  and even a few herbs cited in the above verse Haridra (Curcumin),Lodhra are all strong enough to fight uncontrolled expansion.

Diagnostic point-

  • Clinical-Haematuria, Uraemia, Oedema, Anaemia, Renal failure, Haemoptysis, Respiratory failure, Cardiac failure, Intestinal obstruction, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Haematemesis, Nonhealing ulcers, Gangrene, Coma.
  • Laboratory- Low Hb%, Raised blood urea, Raised Serum creatinine, Deranged Serum electrolytes, Deranged LFT.
  • Histopathological- FNAC &Biopsy.