Patient Name: Mrs. M Devi

Sex: Female / Height : 5.1 Feet /  Weight :55Kg / Age : 55 Years

Food Habits – Veg

Location: Rohtak Haryana (INDIA)

H/O – 

On 27th APRIL 2020 – Solid mass lesion noted in the pelvis ( largest measuring 9.7*12.7*15.6 cm) reaching up to the lower abdomen, possibility arising in relation to right uterine adnexa -right ovary origin, metastatic – left internal mammary ( largest measuring 12mm) and bilateral epiphanic lymph node ( measuring 7.5*19mm) and peritoneal deposits, mild ascites, CA 125 — 4342, Nodes in left anterior pelvis measuring 18*19 mm as reported before treatment.

On 16th JUNE 2020 Solid mass lesion noted in the pelvis, possibility arising in relation to right uterine adnexa -right ovary origin reduced, metastatic – left internal mammary and peritoneal deposits, mild ascites reduced, CA 125 — 1621. 

After 40 days of treatment from Himalayan heal CA, 125 which is the ovarian cancer marker parameter changed from 4342 to 1621, almost 2721 points reduced.

BEFORE TREATMENT – CA 125 (On 27th April)                                                                    AFTER 40 DAYS OF TREATMENT – CA 125  

Before Treatment / CA 125 on 27 April 2020After Treatment / CA 125 on 16 June 2020

Case Study (LIVER CANCER-Arbuda) with Jalodar 

Patient Name: Mrs. R B

Sex: Female / Height : 5.5 Feet /  Weight :60Kg / Age : 69 Years

Food Habits – Veg

Location: Guwahati/Assam (INDIA)

H/O – 

On 17th May 2020 – Ongoing patient of Arbuda in yakrit with Jalodar High-Grade Ascitis with raised ESR (81).

On 27th May 2020 – Ascites reduced, ESR 30 

Within 13 days of medicines from Himalayan heal, ESR reduced from 81 to 30, almost 51 points.

An erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is a type of blood test –  An abnormally high ESR can indicate the presence of cancerous tumorsESR test results that are higher than normal are also associated with autoimmune diseases, including lupus. certain types of arthritis, including RA.


Day 1Day 13